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Demonstrators Blockade Footprint Power Headquarters

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August 20, 2014, Bridgewater, New Jersey – This morning, demonstrators from Massachusetts blockaded the entrance to the headquarters of Footprint Power to protest the company’s proposed natural gas power plant in Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem plant, originally scheduled to come on-line in June 2016, has been delayed in part by legal battles, local grassroots opposition, and an ambitious timeline. These delays have jeopardized the plant’s financing and ultimate construction.

The protesters, who bound themselves together with chains and superglue, represent Students for a Just and Stable Future, a New England regional group of youth and students that supports strong policies to address the climate crisis.

Allison Rigney, spokesperson for the demonstrators, said, “Natural gas is no better than coal as an energy source. Both fossil fuels cause irreparable harm to human health and natural gas production adds methane to the environment. Methane is a ‘mega’ greenhouse gas, up to 100 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.”

The proposed Salem natural gas plant would operate on the site of a coal power plant that was retired this past June.



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